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Ball mill

Grinding process in cement plant

The cement production process is a complicated process with technological design. Only by having a comprehensive understanding of each link can the production efficiency be effectively improved and the quality of cement production guaranteed. When it comes to cement production, "two grindings and one firing" will be mentioned. They are: raw meal preparation, clinker calcination, and cement grinding. Generally speaking, the cement industry produces Portland cement. Portland cement is a fine, usually gray powder composed of calcium (from rocks), silicate, aluminate (clay) and Ferrite combination. Today we will introduce the production process of the cement plant!

During the cement production process, a large part of the raw materials must be crushed, such as stones, clay, iron rock and coal, etc. Since the stones are the raw materials with a large amount in the production process, the particles after being mined are larger, and the Mohs hardness is increased. Therefore, stone crushing occupies a more important position in cement stone crushing. The crushing equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher and so on.

Cement grinding is an important process in the manufacture of cement, and it is also the process that consumes the most power. The main function of grinding is to grind the cement clinker to a suitable particle size and form a certain particle gradation, so as to increase its hydration area, accelerate its hydration rate, and meet the requirements of cement paste coagulation and hardening. need. The most commonly used cement grinding method is the ball mill grinding system, which has a very wide range of applications.

Ball mill is the key equipment for crushing materials after crushing. There are many types of ball mills at present, but no matter what kind of ball mill, it is basically composed of five parts: feeding device, supporting device, rotating part, unloading device and transmission device. Its main parameters are working speed, speed ratio, power and production capacity. The cement ball mill is composed of a feeding part, a discharging part, a revolving part, and a transmission part. The hollow shaft is made of steel castings, the inner lining is removable, and the large rotary gear is processed by casting gear hobbing, and the simplification is inlaid with a wear-resistant liner, which has good wear resistance.

Through the above introduction to the main links and equipment of the cement grinding process, we can fully understand the cement grinding process, so that the cement plant can grasp and operate the production line in the actual operation process to ensure the overall production efficiency and quality.

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